Growing up in Brooklyn and Long Island, Mirrione learned firsthand just how painful bulling can be. Not only was he the victim of being picked on, but he saw how it negatively impacted the lives of other children. That is why the Universal Harmony Day assembly is so meaningful to him.  

Harmony Power was officially formed in 2015, but it was years in the making that Mirrione had planned on making this his own personal mission. In 2010, Mirrione with his own money and with sponsorship by Harmony by Karate embarked on a 17 city tour including stops in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles where he imparted his message.

On the trip he shared with children at schools and YMCA’s that he visited with tales of being bullied himself as a child and what he did to stand up to the people who wanted to destroy him. Most importantly, he stressed the importance of being self-empowered, believing in himself and knowing that anything is possible.

Since that trip, Harmony Power has become part of a New Jersey anti-bullying bill that was submitted by assembly women Shavonda E. Sumter. The goal of this bill is to recognize as many children as possible to promote harmony through art, music, dance, community service and other such avenues. Most recently 75 awards were given in Bayonne, NJ and 95 awards were given in Elizabeth, NJ. These acknowledgements were given in June as part of a Universal Harmony Day assembly. The foundation works every day to spread Harmony Power throughout all communities.


Kids need to believe in themselves and know they can achieve. Learning that their power can be used to spread goodness in their community and in the world is empowering and gives them the desire to steer away from the bad and embrace love. Bullying is a fiercely growing epidemic. Children are not born with hatred or the desire to hurt others. Adults teach children their pains and their coping mechanisms and unfortuntately it is not guided in the best direction. We aim to reach out to communitites and teach children that harmony is within. We all need positive recognition for the good that we do in this worl. Children truly embrace being recognized and therefore the foundation has created Universal Harmony Day-   ​it’s a day when recognition is given to children to promote harmony in the world. When kids feel empowered, loved and listened to – great change can occur.  



President- John Mirrione

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Leo Fong

Vice President- Adam James

Dr. Fritz Gallete

Deepak Malhotra

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Michael Darden